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VIRGIN TILL I DIE (Adult Romance, English)

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  • Series Name : Biva English Novel

  • Language : English

  • Publisher : Biva Publication

  • Published on : 2019-12-27

  • No. of Pages : 192

  • Binding : Paperback

  • Edition : 1

  • ISBN : 978-93-86548-91-7


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Sole-con finds itself right in the heart of a huge information breach that can rupture it’s global branding forever! Neil, the flamboyant and cocky honcho is trying to make his way up, through this chaos. Manmath and Jay are in full mood to hammer him hard. Bincy, Carol, Amit and Zaveri are eyeing on making the most of this turmoil. Heena is the only alien in the middle of this bizarre business corpus. Everything would come with a pricetag -- be it the body or soul! How would they manage to survive this convoluted workplace diaspora? How far would their ideological differences drag them? Who would end up being the winner? Would it be worth the fight?

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