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ERANO JAY NA_2 (Psychological Horror, Dark, Bengali)

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  • Author : Sayantani Putatundu

  • Series Name : Aloukik Sankolon

  • Language : Bengali

  • Publisher : Biva Publication

  • Published on : 2023-01-25

  • No. of Pages : 240

  • Binding : PAPERBACK

  • Edition : 1

  • ISBN : NA


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5 Star

1 Review(s)
Name : Emily RayChaudhuri
Rated : 5 Star(s)
Comment : I have been one of the lucky winners of the Biva Publication contest for "Boi Porlei Boi Free". I opted for Sayantani Putatunda's Erano Jai Na 2, for two reasons. First I am a great fan of horror genre and Sayantani is one of my favorite author. I have been reading her books for a long time and I must say her performance as an author is excellent to the core. This book had me glued from the beginning to end. Without giving any spoiler, I would like to throw some light on the contents: 1. Nemesis: The very first story in this book which is a reflection of a very heart wrenching incident that shook Kolkata at one point. Quite dark in nature, this story throws some glimpses into the complex side of the human mind. It's a psychological horror. 2. Trishna: This is a real horror thriller about three paranormal investigators. But honestly, I did not enjoy this one that much as I felt like the author could have explored the horror element a bit more. 3. Dhobolkunder Bhoyonkar: This is a true adventure thriller and it shows the expertise of the author in exploring different genres. The author had presented a deadly cocktail of horror and hunting together. It is my favorite one in the book because the author had maintained the horror atmosphere throughout the story and ended it with an excellent twist. It very truly echoes the famous quote of Hamlet" There are more things in heaven and Earth Horatio..." 4. Aji Hote Shotoborsho Pore: The best one in the book. It's a crime thriller with horror elements and the presence of none other than Adhiraj. I am a big fan of detective Adhiraj and so far I have read all the novels and stories on him. It really gave me goosebumps and not for a moment has let me taken my eyes off from the pages. 5. Erano Jai Na: A short horror thriller which ends with an excellent twist but has an open ending which provides the readers the chances to explore. Sayantani Putatunda has maintained her signature style in crafting each story. I admire her writings since I feel she is a true expert on psychological horror novels in modern Bengali Literature. P.S. My computer does not support Bengali Keyboard and it has hanged every time I had tried to use one...So I had to give a review in English. I hope the publication would pardon me for this.

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